A New Focus on Acoustic Design

Ecophon has updated and extended its Focus range of acoustic ceilings

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The spectrum of sound that surrounds us, together with the acoustic characteristics of different interior spaces and the way we use them, can be as varied as the colours of the rainbow – a fact highlighted by the timely update of Ecophon’s comprehensive Focus range. Along with an even greater choice of colours and improvements to installation and transition details, the acoustic ceiling family now includes the innovative new Focus Ez™ asymmetric tegular tile.

Ecophon recognises that sight and hearing are inextricably linked to people’s perception of their surroundings, and that both must be considered together when designing interiors. By providing vibrant colours and outstanding acoustic control, Focus is able to delight the eyes while soothing the mind.


Solo Baffle and Master Matrix

Designed to support people and their activities, Focus is Ecophon’s most comprehensive product family. It combines excellent acoustic properties with appealing looks, while providing the opportunity for design flair and flexibility. However, before a solution can be implemented, it is important to understand the acoustic challenge of the room itself.

Ecophon calls this approach ‘activity-based acoustic design’. It is a concept based on three important factors that influence room comfort: activity, people and space. Designers should evaluate the noise that could be generated by phone calls, meetings, lessons or perhaps a performance, as well as the personality, age range and other attributes of the occupants. These factors must then be considered in relation to the size, location and material construction of the room. Following analysis, an appropriate treatment, such as acoustic ceiling and/or wall panels, can be employed to control sound reflection, propagation and reverberation, as well as provide visual interest.


Focus D with Focus Wing

The revised Focus family of products encompasses an expanded range of 16 Akutex™ colours, inspired by nature. AkutexT™ FT provides excellent light-reflectance when specified in white, and consistent, deep colours in a matt finish. Incorporating Ecophon’s unique 3RD glass wool, Focus tiles ensure optimal acoustics.

Within the Focus family there are 11 standard panel sizes with the largest being unique to Ecophon. In addition, there are ten edge details providing exceptional flexibility, and six innovative design solutions addressing level changes and wall transitions. The range also includes three lighting solutions –  Ecophon Dot™ LED, Ecophon Square 43™ LED, and Ecophon Line™ LED – providing optimal integration with Ecophon systems.


Focus Ez™ is an asymmetric tegular tile

New to the range is Ecophon Focus Ez™, an asymmetric tegular tile which can be installed in various orientations to create angles and different ceiling forms. It also integrates with Ecophon’s lighting solutions to enhance a ceiling installation.


Focus E with a recessed visible grid

The entire Focus range can be used with Ecophon’s Connect grid system, ensuring ease of installation. Available in three colours (white, grey and black), the galvanised steel support system has excellent loadbearing properties and can be expressed visible, partly visible (recessed) or concealed.

Thanks to a wide choice of colours, edges, panel sizes, grid visibility and lighting, Focus provides interior designers, architects and acousticians with an unrivalled toolbox for creating a solution-led and visually-enhancing approach to acoustic performance in buildings.

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