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Project Description

Four modular systems from GEZE UK deliver a range of natural ventilation solutions


Through remote operation of classroom windows, all occupants benefit from a tempered indoor climate

GEZE UK has the solution to create an ideal indoor climate with the introduction of four modular natural ventilation systems that offer adjustable climate control, driven by intelligent thinking window technology.

The simple open/close mechanism enables several single or grouped windows to be controlled by a single switch or via a building management system. It offers an automatic adjustable closing function that prevents windows from being left open.

The wireless climate ventilation control allows an indoor climate to be maintained by automatically opening and closing windows, a window control triggering their opening/closing based on current room and external temperatures. The weather station, a compact device that records outdoor temperature, brightness, condensation and wind speed, communicates with the control panel via wireless signals.

Integrated ventilation control combines sensors and control technology to optimise natural ventilation, measuring temperature, humidity and CO2 levels inside the building.

The indoor climate building control system integrates with other climate and building controls, such as solar shading and air conditioning. Window controls operate according to temperature and humidity and windows can be opened to allow night-time cooling, a rain alarm closes windows to protect furniture and equipment and a wind alarm operates once a selected wind speed is reached. The system can be linked to fire alarm systems – opening windows allowing smoke and heat to escape. It centres on a control unit with touch screen display.

All the systems are tailor-made to meet customer needs with complete supply and installation – from technical advice and design support through to installation.